Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Comic Round-Up: September 1, 2015

Captain America by Chris Stevens

Event: A new exhibit at the Orlando Museum of Art, titled “BAM! It’s a Picture Book – The Art Behind Graphic Novels,” features art by a number of popular creators, including Raina Telgemeier (Smile, Drama, Sisters), Mark Crilley (Brody’s Ghost), Matthew Holm (Babymouse), and Jarrett J. Krosoczka (Lunch Lady).

Interview: Gilbert Hernandez talks Love and Rockets.

Interview: Sara Richardson explains how she stays on top of things.

News: Vertical Comics has licensed The Abandoned Sacred Beasts

Reviews: Todd Klein on Green Lantern #43 and A Sailor's Story.

Reviews: Ta-Nehisi Coates likes Secret Wars: “Everything I usually hate is here—specifically parallel worlds, and multiple versions of the same character. (There is an entire legion of ‘Thors.’) But Secret Wars is proof-positive that story does not make the writer, writer makes the story.”

6 Awesome Joker Stories You May Not Know About

10 Things You Should Know About ALL-NEW ALL-DIFFERENT MARVEL

The 15 Best Batman Stories of All Time

20 Rejected X-Men Covers

Alastair Reid looks at the growing trend of comics journalism, citing several striking examples such as a first-person account by a victim of sex trafficking that appeared in The Guardian and another story about four Ugandan women returning to everyday life after being forced to be child soldiers by the Lord’s Resistance Army.

Duke students have been boycotting Fun Home, which was an assigned book for summer reading/orientation. Well, the folks behind the Broadway show based on the book have taken to giving out free copies to any verified college student looking to expand their library. Check it out here to see if you’re eligible!

Graeme McMillan's choices for five Kirby works to read.

Jay Gunn discusses how piracy hits him particularly hard as the author of a creator-owned comic.  I think that his situation is sad, but for me personally, Torrent sites have introduced me to a lot of titles that I purchase hard copies of regularly now.

Star Wars: A Guide to The Force Awakens Tie-In Novels, Comics

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