Monday, March 30, 2015

Link Round-Up: March 30, 2015

Darth MaulSigned & numbered prints available for $20(USD) @Etsy Created by Mark Hammermeister

"Darth Maul" by Mark Hammermeister
Prints available for purchase from Etsy.

All The Game Of Thrones Fan Theories You Absolutely Need To Know

The Instagram account bladerunnerreality is dedicated to taking photos of the world that look like they could be straight out of Blade Runner. Is the knowledge that we are sort of living in Blade Runner comforting or distressing?
The latest Star Wars drone is a fearsome Star Destroyer

Nautilus asks Should Science Save Modern Art? Keeping Father Time at bay is more than a question of chemistry.

See the First Pages from the Illustrated Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

#VeryRealisticYA shows Youth Life Outside of Fictional Narratives

What It’s Like to Watch Hodor DJ a "Rave of Thrones"

Why Millions of Grownups Are Buying These Coloring Books For Adults

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