Friday, March 27, 2015

Fan Art Round-Up: Naruto

"Naruto Uzumaki" by Santiago, Chile-based Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias (GENZOMAN)
Naruto Fan Art Gallery

Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto concluded its weekly serialization in Shonen Jump magazine last November after fifteen years.  As one of the most popular manga series in print, it's loss was mourned by fans across the world, but fans were granted a reprieve this week when  this year's 18th issue of Shonen Jump magazine announced that a spinoff manga mini-series Naruto Gaiden: Nanadaime Hokage to Akairo no Hanatsuzuki (Naruto Spinoff: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring Month) will launch on April 27.

Friday, further news came via the official website for Shueisha's Jump J Books announced that Konohagakure Hiden, the fourth of six planned Naruto epilogue novels, will be released May 1.  The enthusiasm for new Naruto stories was nearly palpable as fans across the web offered up fan art in celebration.  Here, we've gathered some of the best Naruto fan art from across the web for your enjoyment.

Also check out our Hinata Hyuuga Fan Art Round-UpSakura Fan Art Round-Up and our Sasuke Fan Art Round-Up.  As usual, if you know of more exceptional fan art that we've overlooked, drop us a line below, in the comments.

"Little Naruto" by Ukraine-based Olga Grigoryeva (Olggah)

"Naruto Uzumaki" by Kiev, Ukraine-based R-e-i-n

"Naruto18" by Japan-based acaco

"Hokage Naruto" by Saudi Arabia-based Ahmad al Dossary (Digi-M)
Watch a video of this painting in progress.

"Sage Mode" by Indonesia-based Yudha (ajiraiya)

"Naruto" by Spain-based airasan

"NARUTO" by Canada-based Drake Tsui (Quirkilicious)

"Naruto" by Canada-based Katrina Lin (k-atrina)

"Uzumaki Naruto" by Hong Kong-based Cuson

"naruto2" by Japan-based acaco

"Naruto" by Russia-based Denis (DanteCyberMan)

Created by ちゃづ

"Uzumaki Bolt" by Philippines-based Gillian Maricon Tolentino (Mai-kuu)

"naruto kyu" by Joshua (jbsilver)

"Naruto" by China-based Gin-Uzumaki

Prints available for purchase from Society6. US$15

Prints available for purchase from Society6. US$15

"Kyuubi Naruto" by Netherlands-based Sven Stoffels (Svenstoffels)

"Uzumaki Naruto" by Hong Kong-based Cuson

Prints available for purchase from Society6. US$15

"Uzumaki Naruto" by Kraków, Poland-based Maciek (Mzag)

"Naruto Kyuubified" by Bavaria, Germany-based Julian G (Hawk4)

"Naruto" by Philippines-based Stephen Jorge Segovia (Sjsegovia)

"Naruto" by Germany-based Susanne (AikaXx)

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