Monday, March 30, 2015

Lego Creation: CUB3


"CUB3" by Tyler

Personally, I always prefer art that's somehow in motion to static pieces.  When I was little, I was a huge fan of those bead and wire contraptions that seem so ubiquitous in doctors' waiting rooms.  As an adult, I've always had a fascination with executive desk toys.  And, quite frequently, I'll loose hours at a time just browsing Rube Goldberg machines on YouTube.  So naturally, ball mazes are right up my alley.

Flickr user Legohaulic has created one such ball maze out of Lego. It's almost Escher-esque in its twists and turns.   Inside the "CUB3," as Tyler's calls it, there are four separate runs that the metal ball bearings are able to snake through after being dropped.  Watch the video below closely, and see if you can distinguish between them.

CUB3 Teaser

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