Monday, March 30, 2015

Graphic Design: Brands vs Zombies

"Brands vs Zombies" by Josh Namdar and Aditya Hariharan

A pair of Miami Ad School students have launched a fantastic Tumblr dedicated to re-imagine big brand marketing for the zombie apocalypse.  The friends were inspired by the television series The Walking Dead.
"So one day, while watching another tastefully graphic installment of the Walking Dead series, Adi turned to Josh and asked, “Ever wonder what would happen if brands could use their existing resources and influence to help mankind survive? Also, wouldn’t it be a cool way to get a potential employer to see how clever and insightful we are?”"
Some examples of their work include ads for an IKEA line of furniture that keeps your home safe from zombies and an Airbnb that lists safe accommodations for people to take refuge from wondering hordes at night.

We've included a few examples of their best work below, but you really need to click through to see the site.  It's quickly growing into the kind of Tumblr that you can loose track of time browsing.

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