Friday, March 27, 2015

Fan Art Round-Up: Hinata Hyuuga

"Hinata Fanart" by Mexico-based Mario Vazquez (Warmics)
Naruto Fan Art Gallery featuring Hinata
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You may not believe this, but aside from Naruto himself, Hinata is far and away my favorite Naruto character.  Not only was she face the same challenges in training to be a ninja that the other characters faced, she was also struggling with her self-confidence, which I think made her character development the far more interesting than that of the others.  Her shyness balanced Narto's brashness while her secret love for him created a very important symmetry when juxtaposed against Sakura's persistent denials of Naruto's affections.

I spent the entire first half of the series hoping that each new storyline would include Hinata somehow, even if only for comic relief.  I spent the entire second half of the series griping that they weren't using her to her full potential.  She was just an all-around awesome character.

All I can say is, thank God for fan fiction.

"Hinata" by Italy-based ealair

"Hinata" by Egypt-based Amira Tanany (Tannany)

"Naruto fan art:hinata hyuuga" by Malaysia-based Chai May Teng (MayTeng)

"Hinata" by Ri (XsoRa)

"Hyuuga Hinata" by Canada-based Sunstark

"Hinata versus Pain" by Philippines-based Tazky

by sakimichan

"Hinata" by Canada-based Sushi (Sakimichan)

"Hinata Hyuga" by Philippines-based Mark Henry Bustamante (MaHenBu)

"Hinata - Grasp" by Norway-based Linnyxito

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