Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tech: R2-D2 Video Game Droid

This little droid packs eight consoles, an integrated sound system, and a video projector.  From the controllers, I'm guessing it contains an X-Box, Sega Genesis, PlayStation, NES, SNES, N64, Dreamcast, and Atari.  The only thing missing an internal kegerator filled with Mountain Dew.

De Vitis began by simply modifying a an R2-D2-shaped Pepsi cooler to make it look more like the droid we all know and love.  Then came the process of gutting his consoles and arranging their motherboards inside the droid body so that all of the controllers could plug into their corresponding inputs from the front.  Finally, he jimmied the projector into R2’s dome last, so that it would work like the droid in the movies.  I guess that means that you need to sit next to R2 while you're playing.

For tons of photos of the system, click through to De Vitis' website.

In this YouTube video, Brian M. Devitis demos his amazing R2-D2 gaming rig at PAX 2010.

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