Monday, February 23, 2015

Lego Creation: Sarlacc’s Nectar

Sarlacc's Nectar

Created for the 13th Star Wars contest at the TechlUG forum.

I'm a big fan of fan head canon - fans augmenting the official canon of their favorite franchise with back stories of their own.  Illustrating a head cannon with a LEGO diorama is taking cannon to a whole new level, though.  In this build, Daniel Stoeffler explains the origins of Sarlacc’s Nectar – the original Jawa juice – which is apparently extracted from the stomach of Tattoine's notorious Sarlacc.

Stoeffler's head cannon involves Boba Fett using the futuristic moonshining operation to escape his close encounter with the monstrous maw.  You can read the whole story over at Eurobricks, and check out many more detailed photos of this build in Stoeffler's Flickr album.

Surface module

Surface module

Stock module

Still module

Basin and filter module

Basin and filter module with stomach

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