Friday, February 20, 2015

Short Film: Strange Thing

"Strange Thing" by Alrik Bursell of Bursell Productions

"Strange Thing" is a sci-fi thriller made in the tradition of 1980's sci-fi films featuring a strong score and stunning practical and visual effects.  Plus, some aspects of the film are inspired by a classic episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation!  In it, a newlywed couple wake up to discover a mysterious door has appeared in their living room.  The story centers around the pair making the decision of whether or not to open the door.  The whole thing is an extended metaphor about the process of discovering new things about your significant other and the change that ensues.
"A newly married couple, Kris and Jake, wake up to find a door has appeared in their living room. As the temptation to open the door lingers the couple discusses how to handle this bizarre phenomenon as they discover more about the person they each married."

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