Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Comic Round-Up: February 25, 2015

X-Men Vs Marvel Villains by Giuseppe Camuncoli

"X-Men Vs Marvel Villains" by Giuseppe Camuncoli

Interview: JP Ahonen on drawing bears, Sing no Evil and the Finnish comics scene

Interview: Mike Carey and Peter Gross Close Out The Unwritten

5 All-Ages Comics That Could Be The Next BIG HERO 6

5 of the Best and Worst Comic Book TV Show Costumes

Could Gotham Really Kill a Core Batman Character

Gotham is Trying Too Hard for Its Winter Soldier Moment

Jim Zub on how creator owned comics economics have improved

The Joker's New Origin Explored in Video Breakdown

Matt Wagner The Spirit Art Goes Up For Auction At ComicsPro

Super Powers You Don't Actually Want: Super Speed

Was Fantastic Four the First TRUE Sci-Fi Superhero Film?

Why Are People Still Surprised That Aquaman Is A Badass?

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