Friday, February 20, 2015

Short Film: Killer Kart

"Killer Kart"is an absurd comedic horror film in the vein of Reaper, Shaun of the Dead, or Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.  In it, a shopping cart comes to life to terrorize the late shift of a grocery store.   It's not actually frightening, it's just a lot of stupid, silly fun.  Exactly the sort of thing I love watching late at night with a rowdy group of friends.

"Killer Kart" holds the distinction of being the most successful film in the history of the Florida State University Film School, winning 37 awards and attending 79 festivals worldwide.  And why not?  It may be strictly B-movie fodder, but it's more entertaining than anything the SyFy Channel has created in years.
"The shopping cart. Four wheels, one basket, and tonight, for the closing crew of a small-town grocery store, a blood-splattered aluminum nightmare!"

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