Friday, February 27, 2015

Short Film: Fish Friend

"Fish Friend" by director Jordan Blum of Partcom

"Fish Friend" is a dark comedy that pays homage to the films of director Tim Burton in a style reminiscent of Pixar.  Like Burton's films, "Fish Friend" walks the line between grim and grins, telling the story of a little girl with a murderous piranha rather than the standard goldfish for a pet.
"Fish Friend is the story of a girl and her murderous pet piranha, inspired by 1950s Americana, Tim Burton, and the shorts of Pixar.

You never forget your first pet: this is the lesson ten-year-old Sally learns when she discovers, the hard way, that her new goldfish is actually a bloodthirsty piranha. As Sally and her fish friend forge a lasting relationship, the carnivorous pet wreaks havoc on an unsuspecting neighborhood."

"In this peek behind the scenes of Fish Friend, editor Spencer Houck, VFX specialist Chase Massingilll and stop motion artist Melissa Goodwin Shepherd show us the many, many details that went into bringing our pet piranha Vincent, those tiny ants and the baby crocodile to life."

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