Sunday, March 31, 2013

Quick Pic: Portal Eggs

"I trucked most of my craft supplies with me on "vacation" in the desperate hope that I might finish these before Easter. After several late nights and only three trips to the craft store..."
"I searched everywhere for a companion cube Easter egg online, but all I could find was a cube drawn on the egg. Since I wanted mine to look like the egg *was* the cube, I spent some time sketching to get the design right. Each companion egg is double sided, and I used rhinestone hearts in the centers for a little sparkle."
"The eggs are foam with a hard coating, which allowed me to put small screws in the bottoms so I could hang on to them while painting, and then hang them to dry after painting. Very handy."
"The turret stand design is by Instructables user SuperNewby, although I think I must be doing something wrong since I can't get the back leg to stay put; it keeps sliding out Bambi-on-ice-style from under the egg. After trying everything from super glue to duct tape, I finally stuck all three legs in a sheet of soft foam to keep them stationary. (I also used foam for the leg panels, which is faster and easier than clay.)"

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