Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Link Round-Up: March 27, 2013


The Cloud is heavy and design isn’t invisible

The History of Emoticons, an essay by Tom McCormack

Robot Calendar

The rules of the Free Desk Here are simple: Agencies around the world offer a free desk in their studio to a new talent. The agency gets to decide who they offer the space to and the duration of their stay. The idea is being supported by the well known graphic artist, Anthony Burrill who designed the limited edition screen-print to accompany the initiative. The first 50 studios to list a free desk will receive an Anthony Burrill signed, ‘Free Desk Here’ print.

StickyGram is a personalised printing service that turns your Instagram images into lovely little magnets. You create your pack online and we deliver them to your door.

Undercoat is an online community dedicated to collecting and sharing the most beautiful, inspiring and innovative content from creative students and graduates. It aims to provide exposure for the work coming out of universities, art and design institutions operating around the world. It is a platform designed to honour creativity as an essential trade. The fifth issue of their magazine, Overcoat, will be released later this week.

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