Friday, March 22, 2013

Link Round-Up: March 22, 2013


Tutorial: How to Make Custom Laptop Stickers

Doctor Who Weeping Angel Toilet Decal.

Game of Thrones Sigil Cookie Cutter Set

Hellraiser Puzzle Box Rubik’s Cube.

I'm Google by Dina Kelberman  is an ongoing tumblr blog in which batches of images and videos from the internet are compiled into a long stream-of-consciousness. The batches move seamlessly from one subject to the next based on similarities in form, composition, color, and theme. This results visually in a colorful grid that slowly changes as the viewer scrolls through it. Images of houses being demolished transition into images of buildings on fire, to forest fires, to billowing smoke, to geysers, to bursting fire hydrants, to fire hoses, to spools of thread. The site is constantly updated week after week, batch by batch, sometimes in bursts, sometimes very slowly.

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