Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Illustration: Hand Drawn Map of London

Anna Butler is the chief designer at Wellingtons Travel. She is an artist and architect by trade and of British-Polish descent. Taige Zhang is a lover of travel, history, and maps; also a cartographer. They started working on creating a hand drawn vintage but modern old London map in 2008.

"We believe in the beauty, allure and craftsmanship of old maps. In 2008, we started researching remarkable maps from the 16th to 19th Century from legendary explorers and cartographers such as Joan Blaeu, Captain James Cook, and Joseph Cross. Drawing qualities and inspiration from city maps by British cartographers of the early 1800s, we began work on the Grand Map of London using various existing up-to-date geographic data sources including those from open street map.

As a hobby and business, we produce maps of modern cities in historic, beautiful 1800s style. Our maps are made to enchant anyone who loves history and appreciates art. Some of our top customers include City of London, bookshops, galleries and hotels."

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