Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Design: 3D Printed Dress

3D Printed Dress by designer Michael Schmidt and architect Francis Bitonti
On exhibit at Swarovski Elements at Cal Mart, Los Angeles
Modeled by Dita Von Teese

Photographed by Albert Sanchez (above) and Jeff Meltz (below)

Designed by Schmidt and generated by Bitonti, the floor-length nylon gown was made using selective laser sintering (SLS), where material is built up in layers from plastic powder fused together with a laser. The rigid plastic components are fully articulated to create a netted structure that allows for movement. Spirals based on the Golden Ratio were applied to a computer rendering of Von Teese's body so the garment fits her exactly. The dresswas unveiled as part of an event at the Ace Hotel in New York earlier this week, as part of a showcase of products organised by 3D printing marketplace Shapeways.




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