Monday, July 2, 2012

Fresh Take: Video Game Samurai

Jed Henry is back with still more (Previously) classic video game characters portrayed as samurai! I absolutely love this series. You can click 'like' on the Ukiyo-e Heroes Facebook page to get sneak peeks of upcoming designs and sketches.
"Kirby is done! And this design is special - I finally added the Japanese calligraphy. Eventually, each design will get a name plate and a little poem couplet in kanji. For Kirby, the two characters are "vapor" and "Buddha", and read "Kabi". And the couplet says "Warrior of heaven, guardian of dreams." The calligraphy is done by my medieval Japanese literature professor."
"I loved researching this one, because there's a huge tradition of Gothic fiction in Japan.  Yoshitoshi, a 19th century artist, did a huge series of ghost stories.   I borrowed from one to get Dracula's face just right.  You can see it here."

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