Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Short Film: Sight

"Sight" by Daniel Lazo and Eran May-raz

Sight is a short science fiction film by Israeli film students Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo that envisions a darker take on is a brilliant take on augmented reality (AR) technology.  In it, a pair of retinal implants provide their user with an interface capable of not just augmenting, but controlling, reality.

With Google so recently touting its Google Glass, the short film raises some very timely issues, such as whether or not we want to live in a world where everything is constantly connected through such devices? Even as recently as a decade ago, the notion would have seemed absurd, but living in a time where no one leaves the house without a high-powered smart phone, a future where everyone uses devices like Google Glass seems like the next logical step. 

Being constantly connected to the larger world has it’s benefits, but as this film demonstrates, things don’t always turn out for the best when we rely so heavily on technology. Sight is as creepy as it is beautiful, but its creators told VentureBeat that they didn’t intend for it to be a commentary on Google Glass. In a strange coincidence, Google released the first video for Google Glass just a few days after production began on Sight.  

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