Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mash-Up: Community / Mass Effect

Greendale 7

"Okay, I was playing Mass Effect 3 (one of my fav game series of all time…despite the last 10 minutes of the ending) last memorial day weekend and as I was playing I noticed how Mordin Solus reminded me a lot of Abed Nadir (one of my fav TV characters of all time from one of my fav shows of all time Community…#sixseasonsandamovie) then how Shepard reminded me a lot about Jeff and so on until I was able to match almost every main character on Community to a character on Mass Effect. I ran the idea by my fiance and my nephew who are both big community fans and they thought it was awesome. I even remembered being awed by all the Community Fan Art Mash ups that I have seen on the net recently ie. Community/Street Fighter, Community/Star Wars, Community/Batman, Community/X-Men and mucho props to all the other creatives that executed those ideas awesomely. At this point the ideas in my head became a train picking up steam and I needed to express it somehow, first I was thinking about sketching, drawing or painting these characters…but with the day job and other projects that would take too long and I needed to satisfy this itch fast, so I found a hi-res screenshot of Mordin then found an image of Abed with a facial expression that matched perfectly and after some creative photoshopping and some filters applied I photoshopped an image of a mash up fan art I entitled “Abed Solus” and applying some of graphic design skills I made this little character poster.

After some feedback from my fiance, who thought the illustration was  amazing just fueled the fire and I just kept on going. The train picking up steam became a runaway freight train and resulted in a few sleepless nights as I created images for Jeff/Shepard, Troy/Garrus Vakarian, Annie/Miranda Lawson (There was some debate between my fiance and I as she thought Annie was more a Tali, but Annie as Miranda was just hot so that got over ruled =), Britta/Liara T’Soni, Shirley/Justicar Samara, and Pierce/Urdnot Wrex. There could be some fan debate about them fitting other characters better…but I hey I made the call and this was just so darn fun making and here they are"

Jeff Winger/Shepard

Abed Nadir/Mordin Solus   Troy Barnes/Garrus Vakarian

Britta Perry/Liara T'Soni   Annie Edison/Miranda Lawson

Shirley Bennet/Justicar Samara   Pierce Hawthorne/Urdnot  Wrex

Jack Pelton   Kai Chang

Vega Burns  

Reapers   Annie's Boobs



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