Friday, September 8, 2017

Video: Game of Thrones Pallette

Fans of Game of Thrones will know that it is hardly sunshine and daisies in the ‘Seven Kingdoms’, but what fans might not know is how the show’s color palette has been subtly been growing less fiery and more icy to convey that message through the episodes.

Vox recently put together a video color chart featuring the color palettes of every single episode of Game of Thrones. The palettes were achieved by taking the average color of every ten seconds of screen time throughout the show.

It was discovered that the first episode was the lightest and brightest, before turning progressively darker and icier. As winter encroaches upon ‘Westeros,’ the show has become less saturated and the average hue much cooler. The bloodiest battles of the series also make up the darkest episodes.

While the Game of Thrones crew is renowned for its attention to detail, the meticulousness that goes into the color palette adds on to its line of remarkable and impressive feats.

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