Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Link Round-Up: September 13, 2017

"Nemesis" by UK-based Martin Simpson

News: IDW is launching Full Bleed: a hardcover, 200-page quarterly magazine about comics and culture. The content in the first issue is wide-ranging, from interviews with Neil Gaiman and Stephen King to new short fiction to historical articles.

3D Printed Translucent Building Fa├žades Let the Light In

6 Larger Than Life Art Projects Coming to Maker Faire New York

7 Alternative Abodes You Can Build From the Ground Up

Before today, I never knew Ally Sheedy had a cameo in X-Men Apocalypse.

How Close Are We to Full Color 3D Printing?

"I don't really [portray] many people who I don't think are abusing their power. I chart these guys... My mercury is rising and when it gets to a certain point, I'll start drawing."
- Robbie Conal: Meet the Godfather of Guerrilla Street Art

My Immortal: why the famously awful Harry Potter fanfiction isn't bad at all

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Europe’s First 3D Printed Building: This week, over 100 attendees gathered in Copenhagen for the grand opening of The BOD (Building on Demand), the first up-to-code 3D printed building in Europe. The upper part of the foundation was 3D printed live in front of the guests, and Jens Kramer Mikkelsen, the former Mayor of Copenhagen, cut the red ribbon at the event, which was organized to celebrate that 3D Printhuset had officially begun construction of the building. Once the building is finished this fall, it will be used as a small office hotel; 3D Printhuset CEO Henrik Lund-Nielsen said that the company is not trying to promote its 3D printer, but rather promote 3D construction printing in general.

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