Monday, September 4, 2017

Link Round-Up: September 4, 2017

"Akira Time" by Brazil-based Robson Gomes
An Adventure Time / Akira Mash-Up

Back in May, it was announced that Netflix would be producing a limited series prequel to the classic Jim Henson film The Dark Crystal. And in keeping with the spirit of the original, the new series will feature all new puppetry and animatronic characters. For fans of the original film who also have an artistic bent, the filmmakers have decided to hold a very unique contest: Design your own creature for the series and Jim Henson's Creature Shop will bring it to life.

Fake War Photographer Gets Exposed After Fooling the World: "Right now, a conflict photographer named Eduardo Martins is supposedly driving around in a van somewhere in the Australian outback. And you probably won’t see any new work from him anytime soon: he’s in hiding after pulling off one of the craziest cons in the history of photojournalism."

Fox announced during San Diego Comic Con that a new 15th anniversary blu-ray collector’s edition would become available to the public in September, and lo and behold, that date is almost upon us and you can pre-order the new box set right now!

Google Sneaks In Color Picker Tool That Will Make Life Easier For Creatives

Schoolgirl finds sword where King Arthur was said to have thrown Excalibur and may now, in fact, be the rightful ruler of England.

A Secret Work Studio Suspended Below a Highway Overpass by Fernando Abellanas

Thesis: Maps in fantasy books are kinda shite. Antithesis: They're good actually, when done right. Synthesis: N. K. Jemisin gets it right.  Uncharted Atlas generates fantasy maps with toponyms in generated languages. The notes on how the algorithm works are quite interesting.

Why was this the worst summer at the box office in 11 years? Deadline has a few thoughts.

The Winds of Winter as written by a neural network (all chapters here).

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