Friday, September 8, 2017

Fan Art Round-Up: Pennywise from It

"That" by Dave Correia DaveCorreiaArt
A gallery of fan art featuring Pennywise of Stephen King's It.

After twenty-seven years, the clown that haunted the dreams of eighties kids everywhere returns today to strike fear into a whole new generation. If there was ever a film better designed to strike fear into the hearts of children than It, I've yet to see it.  Personally, I think Bill Skarsgard will give the great Tim Curry a run for this money.  I've already read that his performance is one of the best screen presences in recent horror film history.

To celebrate the release of the remake of It, I've compiled a gallery of the best Pennywise fan art to be found on the web.  As usual if I've miscredited any illustration or if you know of a stand-out piece of fan art I've missed, drop me a link in the comments below.

Created (Lord_Mesa)

Created by (Tierno Beauregard)

"Pennywise..." by Maine-based Ray Dillon Ray Dillon (RayDillon)

"IT" by Finland-based Jarkko Vanhalakka (JakkeV)

"Penny wise SPLAT" by Esteban Salinas (Deviantapplestudios)

"Stephen King" by France-based Jeff Stahl (JeffStahl)

"Pennywise" by Mexico-based Juan Jose Guzman

"Pennywise" by Puerto Rico-based Jorgel007

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