Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Link Round-Up: September 6, 2017

55 of the best free fonts for designers. Sometimes in the world of free fonts, you get what you pay for. But Tom May (at art and design blog has found the best free fonts by professional designers from a range of countries including Spain, Argentina, Indonesia, Brazil, Sweden, Greece, Latvia, the UK, Uruguay, Finland, the US, Ireland, and Canada. The fonts are arranged into eight categories: serif, sans serif, handwriting, vintage and retro, brush, tattoo, graffiti and "unusual".

Castle-themed sundial installed at Berkeley Castle

Is Mario a human? Yes. There is some disagreement. Is Mario a plumber? Not anymore, he's retired. Is Mario Italian or Japanese? Italian. What is Mario's last name? Mario. Are Mario and Wario related? Maybe? Not. Is Mario older or younger than Luigi? They're fraternal twins. Also, Mario is older

A retired botany professor created a botanical guide to Middle Earth.

Robot with 3D Printed Flippers Helps to Solve a Plesiosaur Puzzle

Sarah Duyer’s series of teapots and cups seem as if they’ve stopped mid-crawl on their insectoid legs. This series is fittingly titled “Comfort/Discomfort.” By taking objects that are traditionally tied to feelings of warmth and comfort and adding legs, Duyer has not only changed the form, but the emotion evoked by looking at the form is changed as well.

This polaroid camera captures gifs. Called the Instagif NextStep, this camera was built by Imgur’s shekit. The camera appears to take a photo, when in actuality it records a short, three second video, converts that video file into a gif, and ejects a little cartridge which displays the animated graphic.

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