Monday, October 31, 2016

Sci-Fi Round-Up: October 31, 2016

"Night of the Living Dead" by GODMACHINE
Prints available for purchase from Grey Matter Art at a random time November 2nd.


Author Query Ivar Leon Menger
Eating Authors: Sharon Joss
Meet the Man Bringing Chinese Science Fiction to the West: Ken Liu
Meet the professor who will help robots learn common sense
Silkpunk Sci-Fi Author Ken Liu Talks the Future of the Human Race



6 Places That Remind Us LA Is The 'Capital Of Science Fiction'
8 Books For Westworld Fans Who Want To Explore More Sci-Fi Worlds
8 Sci-Fi Movies that Would Make Great TV Shows
10 Marvel Characters Who Should Be A Priority For Netflix After The Defenders
The 12 Bestsci-Fitv Shows You Can Stream Right Now On Netflix ...
12 Unusual Gifts For Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans
The 25 Best Cats in Sci-Fi & Fantasy
The 30 Best Science Fiction Books In The Universe
The 46 Potentially Awesome Upcoming Sci-Fi Movies in 2017
The 48th Annual MilehiCon Leans On Literary Side of Sci-Fi, Fantasy
1940: Sf Writer Predicts The Imminent And Welcome End Of SciFi
All Hallow's Listiscles: Top 10 '10s Horror Films
Are there secret “Westworld” robots?
The Best Horror Movies of the 21st Century
Black Mirror Season Three Is Barely Science Fiction
Cyber World Anthology Brings Darkly Alluring Sci-Fi back To The Future
Horror Legend George A. Romero On Why No One Will Fund His Next Zombie Movie
In an age of comic-book blockbusters, whatever happened to the cult movie?
Israeli Geeks Turn to Sci-Fi and Fantasy To Escape A Sometimes Harsh ...
J.J. Abrams Reveals The CG Effect You Definitely Didn't Notice In ...
Marvel's Defenders TV Show Will Only Be Eight Episodes Long
On The Silver Globe Is The Best Sci-Fi Film Never Made
One Of The Bestsci-Fi Moviesof This Century Is Becoming A Tv Series
Recursor Hopes To Be The Science Fiction content Platform Of Your ...
Reflections On Black Mirror by Those For Whom Science Fiction became Reality
'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' Theory
Science Fiction Writing: Character Building In Radically Different Worlds
Sheri S. Tepper Leaves a Legacy of Stunning Science Fiction & Fantasy
Star Wars Rogue One: New theory emerges about how film will end
This Short Scifi Film About Erasing Adultery Raises A Lot Of Questions
To Boldly Go Sci-Fi's trailblazing Women
Westworld Isn't Great Science Fiction, But It's Great Television
Westworld: Seven new fan theories about sci-fi show
What Makes L.A. The Capital Of Science Fiction?
Why Another Animated 'Star Trek' Could Be Truly Hardsci-Fi
Why the movie HBO's 'Westworld' is based on was way ahead of its time


Other Fun Stuff

Epitaph, a game about the Fermi Paradox -- Given the likelihood of other forms of life, why don't we find them? Part of the September 2016 Fermi Paradox Jam, Epitaph lets you act as a guiding hand for burgeoning civilizations discovered. The rarity of a planet's survival to the technological level needed for interstellar communication becomes apparent. Over time, failed civilizations fade away...


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