Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sci-Fi Round-Up: October 19, 2016


Eating Authors: Susan Dennard
Interview With Leviathan's Blood Author Ben Peek
Interview With Stephanie Gangi, author of The Next


His Mom Bannedscience Fiction, Now He'S An Award-Winning Publisher
J.J. Abrams Explains That Tragic Han Solo-Kylo Ren Scene In 'Star...
JJ Abrams Hints That Star Wars' Kylo Ren Could Still Turn Back To The ...
James Gunn Is Thinking About A 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Solo ...
Newstar Warsrogue One Posters Map Out The Blueprint For Death ...
RIP, Science Fictionauthor MK Wren
Robocop Suit, Wolverine's Claws Up For Grabs in Sci-Fi auction
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Character Posters Released
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story To Introduce New Mon Calamari ...
Sci-Fi Action Teleportation Is Making A Comeback On Youtube Red. Jumper Is Back.
Star Wars: Lucasfilm Sues Jedi School
Star Wars: The Force Awakens: JJ Abrams On That Kylo Ren Scene
Thor: Ragnarok Will Be The Most Out There Of The Marvel movies...
The Walking Dead Has Already Been Renewed For Season 8 
The Winners Of The Inaugural Imadjinn Awards Were Announced
Volkswagen Reportedly Patents Sci-Fi coupe Without Windshield


8 Sci-Fimovies That Would Make Great Tv Shows
The 46 Potentially Awesome Upcomingsci-Fi movies In 2017
The 50 Best Horror movies of The 1980s, Ranked
Anthology Makes Sci-Fi feel Close To Home
Barack To The Future: What Can We Learn From Obama's Sci-Fi movie List?
Cheer Up, At Least You're Not A Robot On 'Westworld'
Could You Be The Greatest Sci-Fi film Maker On The Planet?
Here's A List Of President Obama's Favorite Sci-Fi Movies
How H.R. Giger Invented Sci-Fi's most Terrifying Monster
How The And Chill Chatbot Helped Me Find More science Fiction Movies
I'm Struggling To Grow Older With My Favorite Childhood Sci-Fi show
Is 'Westworld' Too Sci-Fi for General Audiences?
JJ Abrams Explains What Kylo Ren Was Thinking In That Star Wars...
Kim Stanley Robinson Says Elon Musk'S Mars Plan is a ...
Library Picks: Four Reads For Sci-Fi and Fantasy Fans
Maybesci-Fican Make Us All Empathize With Fungi
Meg Elison's Singular, Feminist Sci-Fi
A Mind-Blowing Science-Fiction trilogy Comes To A Close With 'Death's End'
Nation-Building On Bajor: Why 'Deep Space Nine' Is Really The Post-9/11 'Star Trek'
Neil Degrasse Tyson To Debunk Popularsci-Fi Movies at Hershey ...
Obama Reveals His Top Favorite Science-Fiction films
One Of The Best Sci-Fi Movies of This Century Is Becoming A TV Series
Rogue One Trading Cards Reveal Additional Information
The Science Behind The Twisting Alien Linguistics Of Arrival
So Light Sabers Are Powered By "Kyber" Crystals. No Dilithium, I Guess?
Thanks, 'Hunger Games': Why Cautionary Sci-Fi Isn't Fun Anymore
The Importance of Science Fiction to Entrepreneurship
The Universe Contains 10-20 Times More Galaxies Than We Ever Thought
There's A Bloody Reason Why Star Wars Sith Lightsabers Are Always Red
This Classic Sci-Fi concept Could Solve A Key Hurdle To Interstellar ...
UCLA Graduate Explores Vietnamese Identity in Sci-Fi performance ...
War Of The Worlds Collide: Top 5 Adaptations Of The Sci-Fi classic
When Science Fiction becomes Real: Octavia E. Butler's Legacy
When Science Borrows from Science Fiction
Why Rendel May Be The Coolest Superhero movie of 2017
Writing Fan Fiction With Margaret Atwood
Yasser Bahjatt Hopes To Better The World Through Science Fiction



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