Friday, October 21, 2016

Comic Round-Up: October 21, 2016

Deadpool & Harley by Ben Oliver
Exclusive commemorative print for the Nice 2016 Comic Con.



Benedict Cumberbatch On Doctor Strange
Francesco Francavilla Looks Back On Ten Years Incomics
Gale Anne Hurd (Ep, 'The Walking Dead') On Rick's Crew
Jonathan Lethem On His Newnovel, Cultural Appropriation ...
Joss Whedon On Marvel &Amp; Dc'S Creative Processes
Legends Of Tomorrow And Arrow Post-Mortem with Marc-Guggenheim
Logan Director: "If You're Looking For A Gravity Defying, City Block Destroying, CG Fuckathon, This Ain'T Your Movie"


Agents Of Shield Has Its Connection To Doctor Strange
Arrow: Easter Eggs And Other Things You Might Have Missed In "A Matter Of Trust"
Because You Demanded It! The Best graphic Novels of All Time?
Five Frighteningly Fantastic Horror comics
Comicbook Series Asks A Serious Question
Confirmed: Benedict Cumberbatch Will Return As Doctor ...
Charlotte Ballet'S 'Fall Works A Half-Extraordinary Evening
Cody Rhodes Explains What Influenced His Stardust Character
DC's Rebirth Is The Best Thing To Happen To Comics
Director James Wan Promises 'Swashbuckling Action In 'Aquaman' Standalone Film
Fantastic Four #1, Stolen In Canada
Kindle Courts Manga Andgraphic Novel enthusiasts With Upgrades
Legends Of Tomorrow: Who Are The Justice Society?
Legends Of Tomorrow: Who Is Doctor Mid-Nite?
Legends Of Tomorrow: Who Is Commander Steel?
Legends Of Tomorrow: Who Is Obsidian?
Legends Of Tomorrow: Who Is Stargirl?
Logan Sneak Peek: Will More Superhero Films Shoot For R Rating?
Marvel's New X-Men Solo comic makes A Star Of Weapon X 
New Wolverine Movie Hardly Looks Like A Superhero Story
The Walking Dead Season 7: She Was The Victim Of Negan Changed ...
The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan Wants A Negan Prequel
UN Celebrates Wonder Woman'S 75th Anniversary
Wolverine 3: Who Dies In Logan?
Writer's Commentary: Erik Mona Talks Pathfinder Worldscape #1

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