Friday, October 21, 2016

Sci-Fi Round-Up: October 21, 2016

More selected art for the Faith RPG on the artist's Tumblr.


Arrival stars Amy Adams And Jeremy Renner Talk About Sci-Fi
"Black Mirror" Creator Charlie Brooker Interviewed On Fresh Air (NPR)
Interview With J.B. Rockwell, author Of Serengeti
Interview With Lexie Dunne, author of How To Save The World
Interview With Peter F. Hamilton
Interview With Stephanie Gangi, author Of The Next


Aaron Paul And Olga Kurylenko To Star Inscience Fiction thriller ...
Argus Has Released Its 'Suicide Squad' File On Captain Boomerang
Darren Aronofsky's Maddaddam Sci-Fi series Won't Air On HBO
George Takei Lays Out What'S Missing From The New Star Trek ...
Godzilla 2 And Pacific Rim: Maelstrom To Shoot At Wanda's New Qingdao Studio
Indie Sci-Fi gets Its Own Online Channel: Recursor.Tv
Joe Johnston Will Direct $100M sci-fi film 'Starfall' In China
Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Star in Sci-Fi film Sovereign 
Joss Whedon Wants To Direct A Star Wars movie 
Leonardo Dicaprio Is Pitching A Grim & Gritty Captain Planet Movie
'Mr. Robot' Actor To Star In Sci-Fi thriller Parallel 
Star Wars 8 News: Carrie Fisher May Have Dropped A Huge Spoiler!
Star Wars lightsabers: Why Red Is Significant To The Dark Side
Star Wars lawsuits: Who Has Lucasfilm Sued And Why?
The Best Star War Stoy In History Has Been Announced 
Upcoming Sci-Fi thriller Extinction Has Found A Director 
Young Timaru Filmmakers Need $6000 For Sci-Fi


Movie Review: The Osiris Child Is A Fun Throwback To B-Movie Sci-fi
8 Sci-Fi Movies that Would Make Great TV Shows
A Collection Of Star Wars Infographics For Droids, Beasts, And Space Crafts
Alan Tudyk Talks About His Cut Live-Action Cameo In Rogue One
Five awesome Sci-Fi short Films You Need To Watch
Foreword Magazine Picked Their Favorites For Best New Sci-Fi Books Of Fall
How Science Fiction has Imagined Colonizing Our Solar System 
How To Increase Visitor Satisfaction Lessons From Star Wars
It won't take Long For Sci-Fi fans To Be Won Over By NBC's Timeless
Joe Johnston Headed Overseas To China For Epic Sci-Fi movie
Star Control: Origins Revives The Beloved Sci-Fi franchise
We Asked Australian Sci-Fi authors To Predict Our Shitty, Shitty Future
Why Another Animated 'Star Trek' Could Be Truly Hard Sci-Fi
With The Looming Release Of Star Wars, "I Think We Should Talk Midi-Chlorians..."
Young Jedi On A Tauntaun Is Best Homemadestar Wars Costume



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