Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sci-Fi Round-Up: October 26, 2016


Midnight in Karachi interviews Sami Shah of Fire Boy Interlude C
SFFWorld interviews Jennifer Foehner Wells of The Druid Gene
SFFWorld interviews Lexie Dunne of How to Save the World?



'Black Mirror,' 'Westworld' Make For Provocativesci-Fi TV
5 Books with Unusual Demons and Devils
5 reasons 'Dirk Gently' will fill the 'Orphan Black'-shaped hole in your life
10 Hilarious Horror Comedies To Watch This Halloween
12 Books To Read After Binge-Watching 'Black Mirror'
12 Unusual Gifts For Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans
13 eerie anime series that reveal the diversity of Japanese horror
The 46 Potentially Awesome Upcoming Sci-Fi Movies in 2017
1940: SF Writer Predicts The Imminent And Welcome End Of Sci-Fi...
8 Sci-Fi Movies that Would Make Great Tv Shows
The Buffy episodes you should watch this Halloween
Busy Daddies Do Sci-Fi, Ep. 26: It's Ok To Not Read The Diamond Age
Connie Willis Tells Us Why Sci-Fi and Romantic Comedy Were Made for Each Other
Could An X-Files Season 11 Redeem The Series?
Five Awesome Sci-Fi Short Films You Need To Watch
Guns, Bugs And Powered Armour: The Most Realistic Military Sci-Fi
How Television’s Boldest Sci-Fi Shows Are Tackling Contemporary Injustice
If Only They Still Made Movies Like Death Race 2000
Imagining humans on Mars: Billionaire Elon Musk hopes to build self-sustaining human colonies on Mars. How have science fiction writers imagined the possible role of Mars in humanity’s future?
Inside Adult Swim'S New Rotoscoped Sci-Fi Comedy Dream Corp
Reflections On Black Mirror by Those For Whom Science Fiction
Star Wars 8 Spoilers: Cast Member Daisy Ridley Hints
The Lost Room: Looking Back At An Overlooked Sci-Fi gem
MST3K: 13 Episodes to Watch on Halloween
The Weird Science Of Canada, Eh. These 20 Awesome Canadians ...
This Short Sci-Fi film About Erasing Adultery Raises A Lot Of ...
This Sci-Fi film Was Shot Entirely By Autonomous Drones
Who Shaped The Cities We See In Sci-Fi?
Why Another Animated 'Star Trek' Could Be Truly Hard Sci-Fi



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