Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Video Round-Up: January 13, 2016

You weren't going to click this, but you suddenly found yourself filled with DETERMINATION.  Honest Trailers demolishes the Tumblr favorite, UNDERTALE.

Apparences - a short, surreal video from the French filmmaking duo Claire and Max of Menilmonde that imagines the buildings and iconic landmarks of Paris as site-specific props of an eerily deserted movie set.
Conan O'Brien Remembers David Bowie - To honor David Bowie, late-night talk show host Conan O'Brien shares some of his favorite interview moments with the legendary British musician and actor.

Dog Copies Little Girl’s Cartwheels - Jacqueline Sloan Ziegler filmed this cute video of her daughter, Kailyn, and their pit bull, Oakland, doing cartwheels and playing together.

The Fashion Evolution of David Bowie - Rolling Stone features the fashion evolution of David Bowie in an animated tribute to the late musician. Bowie was known for recreating his appearance with bold fashion choices throughout his life and career. He died on January 10, 2016 just days after turning 69 years old.

Giant Rocket Powered Firework Wheel - YouTube's favorite mad scientist Colin Furze just broke 2 million subscribers. This is how he celebrated.

Honey is Really Bee Puke - The American Chemical Society reveals the chemistry of honey with the truth that it’s really just bee puke in an episode of Reactions. The video explains how bees at different ages process flower nectar different, and why it takes several types of bees to process the nectar into honey.

The Influence of David Bowie Shown by the Number of Songs That Sample His Music - In a wonderful tribute to the tragically late David Bowie, editors at Vox compiled a visual list of nine songs by other musicians that sampled his incredibly prolific and influential work. A complete list of these songs can be found on the sampling information site Who Sampled, which shows nearly 18 pages of Bowie songs that have been sampled, many by more than one musician.

It’s Always Sunny in Tatooine - Jose Anaya has created this hilarious mashup of Star Wars and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Young Anakin Skywalker claims that no one can kill a Jedi and then grows up to be an evil Sith Lord who attempts to do just that. What a great setup for the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia theme song. Jose was inspired to make his mashup by two images shared on reddit by soniccool96, which were originally posted on Tumblr by squirrelbro.

Jimmy Kimmel Helps X-Files Agents Mulder and Scully Catch Up on Modern Technology - Jimmy Kimmel‘s “Agent Keith” joins agents Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) in a parody of The X-Files to celebrate the show’s return. Agent Keith helps his new colleagues deal with the differences between present day technology and the 1990s, and finally gets them to act on their feelings for each other.

Linkin Park’s ‘In the End’ Sung by the Movies - U.K.-based video editor Ross Thompson (aka The Unusual Suspect) edited together clips from 183 new and classic films to create this movie supercut cover of Linkin Park's 2000 hit, "In the End."

Micro-Impressions of Hollywood Celebrities by Ross Marquand - Actor and impressionist, Ross Marquand, performs super quick spot-on impressions of A-list Hollywood actors doing random things, like Brad Pitt forgetting what he was about to say, and Harrison Ford losing a sneeze.

Pizza Waffles Are Real And The World Is A Beautiful Place Again - This is the type of innovation the world needs. My faith in humanity is renewed.

The Proper Way to Drink Coffee in Norway - Professional snowboarder, Trym Nordgaard, demonstrates the Norwegian way to drink your morning coffee, on an icy road in Gjøvik, Norway.

Shooting a Video with a 136 Years Old Lens - In the sixth episode of his new series “The Weird Lense Challenge“, French photographer Mathieu Stern took a 136-year old, early iris diaphragm lens from a large format camera from 1880, modified it so that it would fit and focus onto his Sony A7II and posted the resulting footage.

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  1. This place was amazing! Great food, it's smaller than others I guess but it is still a fair sized fun. The decor at this venue was amazing as every note of music reverberates off the beautiful walls. Everything about LA venues was nothing less than 5 stars.


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