Monday, January 11, 2016

Video Round-Up: January 11, 2016

LMG Vids captured this hilarious video of a mini Jedi apprentice (aka Padawan) showing Darth Vader and his stormtrooper bodyguards who's boss at the Jedi Training Academy at Disneyland's Tomorrowland park in Anaheim, California.

29 Facts about Dinosaurs - Mike Rugnetta sits in as host of the Mental Floss series The List Show to provide a tremendous collection of 29 facts about dinosaurs, including a few that clear up some common dinosaur misconceptions.

"A Capella" by Ylvis - Norwegian comedy group Ylvis (best known for their viral hit "What Does the Fox Say") parody popular a cappella groups (specifically Pentataonix) in their latest music video.

Baby Elephant Discovers Her Trunk for the First Time - While staying at the Chai Lai Orchid Eco-Lodge in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Bea Perry filmed this cute video of a one-week-old baby elephant struggling to figure out how to use her trunk.

Baby Otter Naps on Floating Mom’s Belly - Connie Levenhagen filmed this adorable video a baby sea otter cozily sleeping on her mom as they float in the "Great Tide Pool" at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, California.  According to Levenhagen, the audio portion was from an aquarium employee who was “doing a Periscope broadcast.”

The Best Fails of the Week - Fail Army presents a roundup of the funniest fail videos that hit the Internet during the first week of January 2016.

Brandy the Surfing Pug Hits the Beach - Brandy, the pug, surfs like a pro while spending a fun-filled day at North Beach (aka "Dog Beach") in Del Mar, California with her human, Jonny Dorman.

Classic Film References in Pixar Movies - Madrid, Spain-based video editor, Jorge Luengo Ruiz, put together this montage of scenes from animated Pixar movies that pay homage to classic films.

Darth Vader’s Imperial March Theme Soothes Crying Baby - Dad and Star Wars fan, Micah Hayman, discovered that "The Imperial March," Darth Vader's signature theme song in the Star Wars saga, always calms his crying (future Sith Lord) baby.

Dog Tries to Fetch Darts When They’re Thrown on TV - As Bernadette Johnson was watching the BDO World Darts Championship on TV, her springer spaniel, Millie, tried to get into the action by chasing after the darts each time one was thrown.

Horse Plays Fetch with His Owner - In this video by Holley Underhill, Holley's horse Tinman (who she believes might be a reincarnated dog) playfully fetches his food dish like it's a giant frisbee whenever she tosses it for him.

Leonardo DiCaprio Talks About His Near Death Experiences - In this clip from a recent episode of The Ellen Show, The Revenant star, Leonardo DiCaprio, discusses some of his near-death close calls with host Ellen Degeneres, including a humorous, Oscar-worthy retelling of a scary flight to Russia.

Ricky Gervais' 2016 Golden Globes Opening Monologue - Comedian Ricky Gervais hosted the 73rd annual Golden Globes on January 10, 2016 and began the night with a hilariously monologue poking fun at the celebrities in attendance and even the award ceremony itself.

Spanish Words That Don’t Translate to English and English Words That Don’t Translate to Spanish - In the latest episode of the Flama series “Joanna Rants“ host Joanna Hausmannn ponders the various words that exist in the Spanish language, but not in the English language as well as the reverse.

Two-Year-Old Tries Her First Warhead Sour Candy - An adorable two-year-old named Clara tries her first Warhead sour candy in a video posted by her father. Judging by her reaction, it appears the candy’s sour coating is a bit too much for Clara’s young palate.

What If Marty McFly Had a Real, Modern Day ‘Hoverboard’ With Wheels in Back to the Future - RocketJump has created a new video that imagines what would happen if Marty McFly from Back to the Future had a real, modern day hoverboard with wheels.

Wild Coyote Has Fun Playing with Dog’s Ball - YouTube user Evnissyen spotted this rare sighting of a wild coyote having fun with his neighbor's dog's ball, in broad daylight, on a hill close to his house.

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