Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sketches: Harry Potter Moleskin

Harry Potter Moleskin Sketeches by Brazil-based Gabriel Picolo

Artist Gabriel Picolo notes that his new series of illustrated book pages are “inspired by spells, curses, potions and other stuff from the Harry Potter world.”  I wish these were available as prints, or better yet, an artbook.  Picolo says he’s planning to keep adding to his Harry Potter book art, so if you want to keep an eye out, here’s the gallery on Facebook.
"The Levitation Charm is one of the first spells learnt by any young witch or wizard. With the charm a witch or wizard can make things fly with the flick of a wand. The charm is an excellent test of your magical skills, wand control and above all, patience."—An excerpt from the entry in the Book of Spells

"The Wand-Lighting Charm is simple, but requires concentration. Take care not to accidentally set your wand alight as damage of this kind can be permanent. If in any doubt about your abilities you would do better to buy yourself a magic lantern."

"A Mandrake, also known as Mandragora, is a plant which has a root that looks like a human (like a baby when the plant is young, but maturing as the plant grows). When mature, its cry can be fatal to any person who hears it."

"You have only ever seen me amongst the Order, or under Dumbledore's protection at Hogwarts! You don't know how most of the wizarding world sees creatures like me! When they know of my affliction, they can barely talk to me!"—Werewolf Remus Lupin

“Also called ‘Liquid Luck’, this potion makes the drinker lucky for a period of time, during which everything they attempt will be successful.”

"The Polyjuice Potion, which is a complex and time-consuming concoction, is best left to highly skilled witches and wizards. It enables the consumer to assume the physical appearance of another person, as long as they have first procured part of that individual's body to add to the brew (this may be anything - toenail clippings, dandruff or worse - but it is most usual to use hair). The idea that a witch or wizard might make evil use of parts of the body is an ancient one, and exists in the folklore and superstitions of many cultures.

The fact that Hermione is able to make a competent Polyjuice Potion at the age of twelve is testimony to her outstanding magical ability, because it is a potion that many adult witches and wizards fear to attempt."

“The Golden Snitch, or Snitch for short, is the fastest and smallest ball on a Quidditch match. It’s known for being extremely hard to see and almost impossible to catch.

The team that catches the Snitch gains 150 points. Catching the Snitch also ends the match and it’s the only way it can be ended.

The Snitch is the size of a walnut and it’s almost always made of gold. The reason why its color is yellow is because it’s the hardest color for the human eye to notice, thus making it even more challenging to catch.”

"Also Known as the "Patronus Charm", this spell is particularly effective against creatures witchcrafted by the dark arts such as Dementors.

To use it you should hold your wand next to your heart and think about a powerfull memory. The happiest you can remember.

Allow it to fill you up and move your wand forward aiming at your enemy..."

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