Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Short Film: Pine

"Pine" by Robert Smith of Round One Films Ltd.
"'Pine' follows the story of Elvin, a struggling door salesman who needs a way of making a quick buck to relieve him from his dire financial straits, and he may just find it. This leads him down a path filled with consequences that could change his life forever.

Did you know 'Pine' is loosely based on a true story? The whole idea for the film stemmed from wanting to make something different (quirky and weird), and when a friend of ours told us a story of a personal experience, we knew we had something. One time, when he was working as a chef in Newquay, he woke up to his front door missing, someone had stolen it. The idea of a person stealing a front door seemed absolutely ridiculous to us. People do say you should make the films you want to see, and I wanted to see a film about that! The idea quickly grew into a much bigger film that implemented fate as an underlying theme. We truly embraced the madness for 'Pine' and created a film that's different in many ways, but who ever said different was a bad thing?"

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