Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Sci-Fi Round-Up: January 6, 2016

Warping Gone Wrong by Leon Tukker


Black Clock interviews Lewis Shiner, author of Black & White.

Book View Cafe interviews Lawrence M. Schoen, author of Barsk.

Diabolical Plots interviews Rob Dircks, author of Where the Hell is Tesla? interviews Piers Platt, author of Rath’s Deception.

Examiner interviews Russell James, author of Q Island.

Fuse.TV interviews Sean Stewart, author of Star Wars: Dark Rendezvous.

Lawrence M. Schoen interviews Lawrence M. Schoen, author of Barsk.

Libertopia! interviews George Donnelly, author of Pink Slip Prophet.

My Bookish Ways interviews Jonathan Green, author of Ulysses Quicksilver.

No Wasted Ink interviews Tom D Wright, author of The Archivist.

The Qwillery interviews Gail Z. Martin, author of Vendetta.

Yahoo Movies interviews Alan Dean Foster, author of Star Wars: Force Awakens.


5 Aspects of Science Fiction That Are Far From Childish.

The 6 Most Fascinating Galactic Empires Outside of Star Wars.

7 Reasons Why Star Wars Still Matters.

7 things we learned about Star Wars: The Force Awakens from its music.

9 things Starship Troopers totally nailed about today’s technology.

10 Things We Would Like To See In Star Wars Episode 8.

12 things we didn’t understand about The Force Awakens.

23 Things To Look For When You See Star Wars: The Force Awakens Again.

Admit it: Star Wars: The Force Awakens stinks — and here’s why.

Attack of the Critics: In Defense of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The Best of the Best of 2015’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Books.

The Best Sci-Fi Film of 2015: Ex Machina vs. Predestination.

Blastr picks The top 20 ongoing sci-fi, fantasy and horror comics of 2015.

Can The Martian defy sci-fi history and win a best picture Oscar?

The canonical story behind TR-8R, the internet’s new favorite stormtrooper. If you haven’t read the new YA Star Wars books, you missed a lot of backstory about Finn and possibly TR-8R.

Chewbacca Comic Finally Answers A Question Star Wars Fans Have Pondered For Years… No, not how does he dry off after a shower, because we all know in our hearts that he sneaks up behind Han and gives a full-body doggy shake.

The Confused Notes of a Star Wars Newbie Compelled to See The Force Awakens.

Don’t tell Silicon Valley, but Star Wars still thinks technology is useless.

Drones, the Robot Revolution and a Star Wars Society.

Fans speculate that the Star Wars movies might have their first gay character.

Five reasons The Force Awakens villain Snoke probably isn’t Darth Plagueis.

Here’s a clear explanation of the confusing galactic politics in The Force Awakens.

Here’s how ‘Starkiller Base’ the weapon that can blow entire planets to bits — works.

Here’s The Most Mind-Blowing Theory About Terry Gilliam’s Twelve Monkeys.

How Daisy Ridley Should Handle Being Star Wars Famous, According To K Stew

How Doctor Who Finally Gave River Song the Husband She Deserves.

How Showrunner Naren Shankar Is Engineering The Expanse.
How Star Wars Shaped the U.S. Military according to The Daily Beast.

Imgurians are running down the facts about each of the Ships of Star Wars.

Motherboard on ​The 11 Sci-Fi Films That Defined 2015.

A Not-So-Brief History of George Lucas Talking Shit About Disney’s Star Wars.

Popular Mechanics discusses 16 Sci-Fi Things To Look Forward To in 2016.

Screen Rant looks ahead to the 10 Most Anticipated Science Fiction Movies of 2016.

Screen Rant looks ahead to the 10 Most Anticipated Science Fiction Movies of 2016.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens – 10 Deleted Scenes Which Would’ve Made It Perfect

What Sci-Fi Gets Wrong, Design Fiction Could Get Right.

Why Mr. Robot Is the Best New Drama of 2015.

Why the Star Wars fan theories about Rey need to be wrong.

Wired looks back at Science Fiction That Came to Life This Year.

Wired says The Force Awakens Has Changed Star Wars Forever.

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