Monday, January 4, 2016

Link Round-Up: January 4, 2016

News: George R.R. Martin Says The Winds of Winter Isn’t Finished: ""Nor is it likely to be finished tomorrow, or next week. Yes, there's a lot written. Hundreds of pages. Dozens of chapters. (Those 'no pages done' reports were insane, the usual garbage internet journalism that I have learned to despise). But there's also a lot still left to write. I am months away still... and that's if the writing goes well."

15 Must-Read Design Books From 2015

Google Photos; once it indexes your photos you can search for objects in the photos.

How Design Could Make You Calmer, Thinner, And Better At Your Job

Noticed an uptick in the posts on your timeline swooning over Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron in The Force Awakens? This (spoilery) piece outlines some of the reasons why that might be.

Olivia Munn posted a new photo on her Instagram account on the set of X-Men Apocalypse. According to Munn, the character of Psylocke “chooses to kill with a sword because she wants to do it up close and intimate and killing from afar just seems too easy and no fun.” (via /Film)

You Don’t Need a starship to visit these Star Wars-Inspired Rental Homes

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