Thursday, January 7, 2016

Illustration: Home Song

Written by GMB Chomichuk
"I was contacted by a friend, couple months back, to help out on a poster for an upcoming "Make a Wish Foundation" charity event with a  theme "music as a form of therapy". Music is pretty powerful stuff, especially during rough times, so I was immediately on board with the idea for a visual piece.

At first we played around with an idea of a superhero using music as a weapon- but eventually decided upon a kid discovering the power of song on his own- and wielding it in the face of some fearful odds. Once the poster came together- I just fell in love with the character (Russ- I've decided his name is Russ) and the world. I want to see more! Soon after, I met up with the very talented GMB Chomichuk (we worked on Cassie and Tonk together) and he put together the powerful verbage to go along with Russ's short story/adventure.

Just did this comic because I liked the idea, and wanted to bring attention to a good cause."

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