Tuesday, January 5, 2016

‪Fresh Take: AdventureTimeSelfie‬

Yo! Do you watch Adventure Time?I am starting a little adventure called “Adventure Time Selfie

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"Do you watch Adventure Time? If you do watch this awesome cartoon show about friendship and adventure, you’re going to love these fun Adventure Time Illustrations.

I’ve started this project called “Adventure Time Selfie” two months ago. This was an adventure not because the cartoon contains the word adventure, but because I had to push myself to draw my favorite characters taking selfies and to do this once a week."

BMO took the first ‪#‎AdventureTimeSelfie‬!

Finn The Human took the second ‪#‎AdventureTimeSelfie‬!

It’s time for the third ‪#‎AdventureTimeSelfie‬.Lemongrab: This selfie is Unacceptable!

It’s time for the 4th ‪#‎AdventureTimeSelfie‬! Jake doesn’t need a selfie stick! smile emoticon

Lady Rainicorn took one colorful ‪#‎AdventureTimeSelfie‬!

Marceline, the Vampire Queen who is over 1003 years old took a rocking ‪#‎AdventureTimeSelfie‬!

It’s time for selfie yo!Lumpy Space Princess acts like a bratty, apathetic, sassy, attention-seeking and willfully ignorant teenager, often texting on her phone and taking selfies. Now she is taking the next ‪#‎AdventureTimeSelfie‬!

Yo! This is the Ice King and he is taking the last ‪#‎AdventureTimeSelfie‬!

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