Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fan Film: Fall of Grayskull

If, like me, you were an eighties kid, then Mattel’s Masters of the Universe franchise was probably a big part of your childhood.  The toy line inspired an animated series of half hour toy commercials we called cartoons, comic books, video games and one spectacularly bad live-action film that I watched on VHS about five hundred times. 

Director Daniel Benedict has adapted the cartoon into an incredibly earnest fan film.  Funded through Kickstarter, Benedict’s “Fall of Grayskull” stars pro wrestler Brian Cage as He-Man, who battles his arch-nemesis Skeletor for control of Grayskull and the fate of a bizarrely under-populated Eternia, which you'd think would have raised some sort of military by now.  The film features all of your favorite characters, including Teela, Tri-Klops, Evil-Lyn, and even Hordak.

Although the production values don't exactly scream Hollywood, “Fall of Grayskull” is clearly a labor of love, and it's sure to stir up a whole lot of nostalgia for eighties kids.

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