Thursday, January 7, 2016

Comic Round-Up: January 7, 2016

Marvel Line-Up by Mark Gruenwald and Bob Layton

Event: On Friday, January 22, R. Sikoryak and friends will participate in A Reading of ITUNES TERMS AND CONDITIONS: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL

Interview: Artist Ebin Lee on Being Black in White Spaces

Interview: Daniel H. Wilson Makes Viruses, not Robots, the Root of all Evil in "Quarantine Zone"

Interview: Live. Die. Repeat. Not just the tagline to a movie starring Emily Blunt and a famous Scientologist, it is also the crux of the Jason Shiga series DEMON.

Interview: Marvel Editor Sana Amanat Tells Us What Ms. Marvel Would Say To Donald Trump

Interview: Richard Sala Returns to the Violent, Gothic World of "Violenzia"

News: If you’re still fascinated by the messy end to Frank Darabont’s tenure on The Walking Dead, there’s an ugly lawsuit about his firing from the show, and juicy depositions.

News: Star Wars Was the Best-Selling Comic of 2015

Reviews: Sean Gaffney on The Devil Is A Part-Timer! Vol. 3 and Dorohedoro Vol. 17. John Kane on a bunch of different comics.  Todd Klein on Survivor's Club #3 and The Twilight Children #2. Kristen Lawson on Oddly Normal Vol. 1.

5 Fantastic Graphic Novels You May Have Missed

12 Worst Movie & TV Adaptations of Beloved Comic Book Characters.

Bart Beaty and Benjamin Woo are writing a book called The Greatest Comic Book of All Time! and that’s the website the book is about

CBR's 50 Best Comic Covers of 2015 according Comic Book Resources

In case you weren’t on Twitter recently, great mirth endued when a DC comics, namely the Superman/Wonder Woman annul #2 contained the above panel suggesting that Pakistani people speak Pakistanian. They don’t.

The Origin of Batman's One Rule

No, Jessica Jones Isn’t Sexist Towards Men; Let’s Talk About Why.

Screen Rant on How Superhero TV Improved in 2015.

A very long list of comic book conventions for planning your new year.

Zainab Akhtar has a year end wrap up from folks like Claire Napier, JA Micheline, David Brothers, Joe McCormack and Douglas Wolk.

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