Monday, January 25, 2016

Comic Round-Up: January 25, 2016

Harley Quinn by In-Hyuk Lee

"Harley Quinn" by Seoul, Korea-based In-Hyuk Lee

Interview: Artist Nick Bradshaw talks briefly about his work on Spider-Man and at greater length about his goal of using comics as a way to encourage kids to read.

Interview: Carol Tyler talks about her life and work and her book A Soldier’s Heart, a graphic memoir of her family and the effect her father’s post-traumatic stress disorder had on them.

Interview: Paul Gravett interviews Jill Lepore The Secret History of Wonder Woman.

Interview: Sterling Gates talks about the new digital comic Adventures of Supergirl.

Interview: Two cartoonists new to Seattle, Simon Hanselmann and Fran López, chat about their new home in a comic drawn by López.

News: DC relaunching with more media-centric line

News: Viz Media has struck separate agreements that will expand the number of manga titles it sells at Walmart and bring its books to Best Buy for the first time.  Under the Walmart deal, bestsellers Tokyo Ghoul, Pokeman, One Punch Man and the new Naruto one-shots will be available in more than 2,000 of the retailer’s locations across the United States. Under the Best Buy agreement, two Naruto titles and Assassination Classroom will be packaged with their respective anime and featured in floor displays at 687 locations.

Reviews: David Betancourt profiles Scott Snyder. Scott Cederlund on Planetes Omnibus Vol. 1. Joe Gordon on Dreaming Eagles #1. James Whitbrook on Secret Wars #9 and Captain Marvel #1.

10 Struggles All Female Comic Book Fans Understand

Bart Beaty ponders the importance of the Angouleme Festival's awards programs in terms of how they've had an impact on the authors and their works keeping in print and finding a way into international markets and the like.

Brendan Burford promoted at King Features Syndicate.

Comics scholar Ramzi Fawaz addresses the disconnect between comics and the movies made from them, and why Fantastic Four was a flop.

How Scotland is tartan up comic book movies

Library group YALSA has announced their  Top Ten 2015 Graphic Novels For Teens

Liz Ohanesian picks the 10 best comic shops in Los Angeles.

The New Suicide Squad Trailer's Five Most Important Revelations

Nirit Anderman looks at the influence of Jewish creators and publishers on comics.

Queen Rania of Jordan has responded to the Charlie Hebdo cartoon about a Syrian boy who drowned while fleeing the country with a cartoon of her own.
A Saudi cartoonist disappears from print leading peers to worry and some to speculate on what happened.

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