Friday, January 22, 2016

Comic Round-Up: January 22, 2016

Barnaby Bagenda

Interview: Image Publisher Eric Stephenson did the interview rounds this week for the return of Nowhere Men

Interview: The Lucifer Cast Explain the Politics of Hell and Changes from the Comics

Interview:  Paul Gravett talks to Jill Lepore.

News: The first round of voting for this year's Angouleme grand prix -- which went into seizure-driven course diversion when an initial list of 30 had no female comics-makers on it -- has had its results announced: veteran Hermann, the writer Alan Moore and the artist Claire Wendling.

News: Now Claire Wendling doesn’t want the Angoulëme Grand Prix, either

News: The Smithsonian is starting a new graphic novel series in February

Previews: Preview: American Monster #1 by Brian Azzarello and Joan Doe

Reviews: David Betancourt profiles Scott Snyder.  Scott Cederlund on Planetes Omnibus Vol. 1.  Joe Gordon on Dreaming Eagles #1. James Whitbrook on Secret Wars #9 and Captain Marvel #1.

David Aja’s variant cover for Miracleman: The Silver Age #3

Deadpool's Résumé Would Definitely Not Defeat Human Resources

DC announces Free Comic Book Day offerings

Derf Backderf returns his attention to the webcomic The Baron Of Prospect Street.

One of the reasons Amazing Spider-Man held on the longest in terms of original 1960s Marvel titles that still had the momentum going from their very first issue is that a lot of professional attention was paid to things like memorable splash pages, according to Tom Spurgeon.

Photos from the Black Comic Book Festival

Rob Salkowitz also look at Jack Kirby and his legacy in a longer piece at Forbes

What Marvel is doing with their Hank Pym character right now.

Why Uncle Owen hates Ben Kenobi.

Zainab Akhtar picks out 20 comics to look forward to in 2016 (Part Two)

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