Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Comic Round-Up: January 20, 2016

Interview:  Drew Ford, acquisitions editor for Dover Books, talks about the publisher’s line of comics and apocalyptic fiction.

News: DC Plans Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad Comic Book

News: Rob Salkowitz looks at the resurgence of interest in Jack Kirby, who has posthumously received credit (and pay) for the work he created over the years for Marvel Comics.

News: Ryan Reynolds Surprised Fans by Showing Them All of Deadpool Last Night; First Reactions Appear Online

News: Ta-Nehisi Coates of Marvel’s new Black Panther series has been nominated for a National Book Critics Circle Award for his memoir Between the World and Me.

Reviews: Michael Buntag on Star Wars: Shattered Empire. Jennifer Cheng on Injection #6. Greg McElhatton on Huck #3.

Reviews: What Have Comics Fans Done to Deserve the Lucifer Pilot?

Aftershock Comics asks Are we living in a comics Renaissance?

All We Know About Marvel Spin-Offs Most Wanted and Damage Control

David Yoder is drawing a daily comics strip about watching a movie a day.  19 days in. and he’s still going strong!

Matthew Brummer explains how the Japanese government and the manga industry are cooperating to sell the public on an expanded role for the Japanese military.

Over at Comic Book Daily, Dylan Routledge is running a weekly series, which seems to go against the name of the site, but what the hey. The subject of his series is examining two works by various comics writers one a week, including Geoff Johns, Rick Remender and the rest of the gang.

Ryan Reynolds Wants an R-Rated X-Force Movie

Sean Kleefeld weighs in on people who read comic strips but say they don’t read "comics." Of course now that there are no newspaper outlets left that runs comic strips, it’s a bit easier to understand.

Why Batman Begins is One of the Greatest Comic Book Films of ALL Time!

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