Thursday, January 14, 2016

Comic Round-Up: January 14, 2016

Superman by Daniel Chavez

"Superman" by Daniel Chavez

Interview: Benito Cereno celebrates Tintin’s 87th birthday with a look at the comic’s problematic origins — and the way the creator, and the comic, evolved over time.

Interview: John Jennings, creator of Kid Code, talks about the importance of comics

Interview: One year after the deadly attack on Charlie Hebdo, political cartoonists Ann Telnaes and Signe Wilkinson discuss the world of political cartooning.

Interview: Stan Lee reveals his eyes have deteriorated so much he can't read.

Interview: Valerie D’Orazio discusses several money problems that are afflicting the comics industry, including part-time creators who are willing to work for a low rate — and thus drive down the rates for everyone else.

News: ComicFlix has developed software that will automatically “draw” comics based on videos, with very little human intervention required.

News: Victoria Jamieson’s Roller Girl, a graphic novel about a middle-schooler who joins a roller derby team that changes her life, was one of three children’s books named Newbery Honor Books over the weekend by the American Library Association

Reviews: Gene Ambaum on Terror Assaulter.  Alec Berry on Batman: Dark Allegiances.  Richard Bruton on Wrinkles. Sean Gaffney on Shigeru Mizuki's Hitler.

3 Indie Comics Publishers You Should Know

5 Fantastic Graphic Novels You May Have Missed

5 Most Underrated X-Men - Fantastic Five

7 Feminist and LGBT Webcomics chosen by SheWired

Clark Kent and Lois Lane Used to Pretty Much Hate Each Other

Cory Doctorow points out that France has exhibited a terrible record on free speech since the Charle Hebdo murders, and that that is a terrible legacy for an initial outreach post-murders which presented itself as a pro-free speech display of emotions and solidarity.

Essential manga pundits look at The Most Anticipated Manga of 2016.

How the Marvel Cinematic Universe Is More Separate Than You Think

Joe Gordon asked a number of creators and critics, including Dr. Mel Gibson, Pat Mills and Metaphrog, to name their favorite women comics artists.

There were a ton of comics-maker reactions to the passing of musician and actor David Bowie, including Neil Gaiman who re-ran a story based on the cultural icon.

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