Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Comic Round-Up: January 13, 2016

Deadpool by Phil Cho

"Deadpool" by Phil Cho

Interview: Electricomics’ Leah Moore: "Digital Comics Are Exciting And Have So Much Uncharted Territory"

Interview: Legendary R.O. Blechman on the Beauty of Film and the Graphic Novel

News: Age of Ultron gets nominated for three Visual Effects Society awards.

News: Thieves Dressed As Deadpool Steal Cash Machine In Florida

Previews: Mark Millar and Stuart Immonen’s EMPRESS # 1

6 Heroes Who Had Their Asses Thoroughly Kicked by Wonder Woman

11 Worst Superhero Costumes of All Time

12 Facts You May Not Have Known About Storm

Age of Ultron at the Academy's annual visual effects bake-off. Variety recaps the event where nominees for the Best Visual Effects Oscar are chosen. It's an enjoyable insight in the presentations that are shown.

Agent Carter Season 2 To Include Tie-in To "'Doctor Strange' Universe"

Alan Moore's long-lost horror comic, Monster, being resurrected by 2000 AD

Bruce Timm on building a story around Batman: The Killing Joke

Gaiman, Amano Once Reimagined David Bowie as a Sci-Fi Hero in Short Story

Getting To Know WALLY WEST In New THE FLASH Stills

How Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War will be different from other Spideys

John Seven picks his 10 favorite comics of 2015

Mark Roberts files a video report on the exhibit “Superheroes in Gotham” at the New-York Historical Society.

Nope, 'Arrow' Still Isn't Turning Felicity Into 'Oracle'

Using the selection of Gene Luen Yang as National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature as the news hook, Glen Weldon looks at the history of kids’ comics, from early misgivings through the Wertham years to the current boom in comics and graphic novels for young readers.

What David Bowie taught us about innovation

What We Know About AGENT CARTER Season 2 So Far

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