Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Vehicle: R2-D2 VW Bus

R2-D2 VW Bus by Instructables user Mimaki cg60

This isn't a model; it's a full-size Volkswagen Bus that has been customized with R2-D2 wrap.  Using CorelDraw and Photoshop he designed the images, then printed them on a vinyl wrap.  The whole project took about fifty hours before the vinyl wrapping was applied, but the end result is the droid every struggling touring band is looking for.
"R2D2's body is a cylinder, so our initial idea was to unroll the cylinder and wrap the bus with that pattern. But it ended up not becoming one with the force, I mean the bus. Simply throwing the original layout of R2's objects on the vehicle was the easiest way, but as you can see on the second image, even by stretching and shrinking the original layout (from a papercraft file), it lacked proper interaction with the bus. So we chose the hard way and decided to re-imagine and recreate the layout specifically to fit the van. The main adaptation would be the head elements, which would go in the front of the bus."

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