Friday, May 29, 2015

Illustration: Fantastic Flying Cars

"Fantastic Voyages" by Toronto-based Steve McDonald

Do you ever get bored riding around in the plain old land-bound vehicles?  Weren't we promised flying cars?  In a body of work being developed for a book project called “Fantastic Voyages” Steve McDonald imagines a world of flying cars, boats, buses, and rickshaws all flying above McDonald's signature cityscapes.  The project is still in development, eventually, it will include over sixty different locations. 
"I am an artist from South Africa. I grew up loving fantasy art and stories. The dragons that inhabited them always felt like the most imposing of characters. I loved imagining what they would look like. I try work humor into my work as much as I can, there is so much inspiration out there.

Cats and dogs inspire me with the funny things they do, old sayings and jokes, even the news. It really makes me happy to see people smile, both young and old as they look through the modern dragons."

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