Thursday, May 28, 2015

Toys: Iron Man Mash-Ups

Customized Iron Man Mash-Ups by Sam Kwok

Sam Kwok takes Iron Man models, repaints them and mashes them up with other pop culture icons to create into some seriously unique pieces.  The detail in the Hot Toys is already incredible.  Here are some of his more interesting pieces, but he's constantly expanding his Facebook gallery, so make sure you click through to check them all out.

Batman   Batman


Awesome Iron Man / Ultraman

Iron Man/Ultraman Mash-Up

Awesome Iron Man / Ultraman

Iron Man / Optimus Prime Mash-Up

Iron Man / Optimus Prime Mash-Up

Ironman / Gundam

Ironman / Gundam Mash-Up


Iron Man / Spawn Mash-Up

Iron Man / Alien Mash-Up


Iron Man Mark 17 / Hello Kitty Mash-Up

Iron Man / Eva Mash-Up

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