Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Link Round-Up: May 26, 2015

"We Built This City - 2015 Remake" by Germany-based Fredy Wenzel (Fredy3D)
Inspired by "Lunch atop a skyscraper"

A 10-step guide to party conversation for bioinformaticians 

Netherland based Frontstand was introduced just a few days ago at TYPO Berlin and aims to be the "iTunes of the digital font market."  Created by type designers Andrej Krátky, Peter Biľak, and Ondrej Jób, Fontstand has created a Mac OS X app that allows users to test drive fonts from 20 international type foundries and independent designers for an hour at no charge. Fonts can then be rented for 30-day periods at 10 percent of the purchase price, with no location-based restrictions. This is fantastic!

I saw the Cradle will Rock this weekend, which features a storyline about "Man at the Crossroads," a fresco by Diego Rivera painted in Rockefeller Center.  The mural has an interesting real life story.

Imagined Illustrations for The Hobbit by 7 Legendary Artists

Keeping it User Friendly: The Graphic UIs of Avengers: Age of Ultron

Type a word into this browser window and see it extrude into 4D. Hit ‘space’ to pause animation and then scroll to rotate type object. Filed under “I enjoyed playing with this for the last 5 minutes.”

You know, sometimes life can be rough. We all got hard things to deal with, right? Sometimes we lose people. Sometimes people hurt us. And some days we're just not feeling it and we don't even know why. When I'm feeling down one thing I like to do is play a game. I feel like games can really bring us together. - Life got you down? Play a relaxing game of Dungeons & Dragons with action star Vin Diesel. 

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