Thursday, May 14, 2015

Short Film: State Zero

"State Zero" is a suspenseful short action film set in a science fiction future.  The short follows a team of four soldiers sent on a routine mission to investigate an old surveillance tower that has dropped offline. The only problem? The mission takes them to the post-apocalyptic wasteland that used to be the capital of Sweden.  You just know all hell is about to break loose, but waiting for it to happen will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The 16-minute short film, from first-time director Andrée Wallin, seriously looks like a snippet from a $100 million sci-fi summer tentpole. The story is tense, and Wallin does an excellent job of setting the stakes and an uncomfortable sense of dread. Considering how many short films are getting snatched up by major studios, I expect to hear that Wallin is working on a feature-length version any day now.  Hollywood could do (and often does) much worse.
"In the near future, the capital of Sweden has turned into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. we join four soldiers on a routine mission in ‘zone 3’, with the assignment to investigate an old surveillance tower that just went offline. That’s the setting in first-time director Andrée Wallin’s short film. With Andrées direction, renowned visual concepts and designs, this short film is something extraordinary. Shot in London with an international cast, exteriors shot in Stockholm and incredible CGI and VFX by Bläck, this looks like an excerpt from a big budget blockbuster."

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